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English presentation of the Seminary

postat 28 mai 2011, 11:07 de pr. Codin Șimonca-Oprița, STLOA

In 1994 in Arad a new school was born, the Orthodox Theological Seminary of Arad, a school in which a lot of generations were to fulfil their career of future priests, Religion teachers, church singers. An old tradition (since 1760) was renewed at that moment, brutally forbidden in 1948 by the Comunist regime, by interdicting the Theological Academy in Arad.

       In the meeting of 13th of January 1994, The Holy Synod of the Romanian Orthodox Church approved the setting up of the Orthodox Theological Seminary of Arad on the suggestion of the local bishop of Arad, dr. Timotei Seviciu. The initiative of the Holy Synod got also the approval of the Romanian Government. Because there was not a proper place for the newly born school, the Arad Bishopric appealed to the goodwill of the local educational authorities which decided that the Orthodox Theological Seminary of Arad should unfold his activity in the Pedagogical High-School.

Beginning with the second year, the school has changed his place on the Theological   Academy Street, where it continues its activity to the present. In the same building, on the upper floor, the Theological Academy is unfolding its activity.

This building was built between 1884-1885 by the Arad Bishopric, from the bishop Ioan Metianu’s initiative by public collection of the Christians from Arad. In the beginning, the Theological Institute unfold its activity here, the future to be Theological Academy (the first theological institution with an academic degree in Romania). At present, in the Orthodox Theological Seminary of Arad one hundred students are studying.

In time, the seminary improved its infrastructure. It has a chapel, a library, a French literature and language room, a music room and a PC room with 26 computers.

The Orthodox Theological Seminary of Arad is a vocational school, addressing itself especially to youngsters who want and are able to prove a real call for God and people serving. Beside the ordinary objects, there are optional activities like church singing in different parishes in Arad, participating in the weekly programme of the choir and in the liturgical programme.

As a prove of the students’ training, there stand a lot of prizes in local and national competitions.

One of the best moments during the educational year are those in which the students are appreciated through their participation in the artistic moments like shows and concerts (the 9th of May: Europe’s day, Independence Day of Romania, World War II Memorial; Christmas carol concert etc.).

In 2004 the first official web site of the school was created. In 2008 there took place the first international symposium entitled Tradition and integration. Unity in diversity in which over 500 teachers from Romania and abroad participated. In 2010, the second international symposium took place, The Light of the Orthodox Faith.

In 2009 The Orthodox Theological Seminary of Arad hosted the national competition for all the seminary students from Romania. In the same year, the choir of the seminary participated in the national choir competition in the Romanian Patriarchy in Bucharest where the conductor of the choir, deacon Tiberiu Ardelean, received the prize for the best conductor.